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What a Real Mac Fan Looks Like

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Apple Fan


Apple Wants Artist Royalties Lowered

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One would think that with the success of the iPod, iTunes and their commercials, Apple would be very pro-musician. After all, the reason so many people like their commercials are because of those annoying sugar-pop ballads in the background. Or the reason they make so much money from iTunes is because they are selling music created by musicians.

This is not the case of course. Apple is actually fighting to make sure musicians get a smaller piece of the pie from the money generated by their songs. Musicians are currently getting about 13%, or less than 9 cents per song from those who like to get ripped off on iTunes.

Apple thinks this is way too much and would like it somewhere down around 4% or less than 3 cents per song. After all, Apple does all the hardwork by scanning the picture of the cd and attaching it to the songs on iTunes and making sure you can only burn the song 3 times. That’s a lot harder than actually writing, recording, performing and marketing your own music.

Keep on looking out for the little people Apple!

From: Hollywood Reporter