Steve Jobs Won’t Read This


Not content with bashing the Zune, the arrogant Steve Jobs set his sights on Amazon’s new gadget: The Kindle. A product aimed at being to books what the iPod is to music.

When asked about the Kindle, Steve Jobs said:   “It doesn’t matter how good or bad the product is; the fact is that people don’t read anymore. ”


This New York Times article does a good job of exposing just how ignorant Steve’s statement is. Of interest, is the fact that book publishing is expected to bring in $18 billion this year. That’s about 408 million books that Steve claims no one will read.

Apple has only recently gotten to its current size. Only 6 years ago Mr. Jobs’ company only had a $5 billion profit.

Source: New York Times


3 Responses to “Steve Jobs Won’t Read This”

  1. slotmaster2 Says:

    i fully agree. the guy says nobody reads anymore, yeah right. the simple fact that books are one of the only things that wont expire is what makes it so ironic. i am an avid reader myself, and i have to admit that iphone is pretty darn cool.

  2. my professor yesterday told us that Steve BJ doesnt weat buttoms on his clothing because he likes his life as “simple” as possible…however, how can wearing black jeans with no buttons be simple to put on every morning? Also, doesn’t he know the black mock turtleneck went out around the same time that those black jeans did.

    ps – he has very hairy knuckles.

  3. fixnichols Says:

    The ZUNE is an even bigger piece of shit because its Microshafts crappy attempt to impersonate the ipod, a turd dressed up to look like a turd is a turd none the less. Zune requires some bloated ass software to even use the damn thing, youd think anyone with a brain would allow you to plug it in and simply drag and drop files too it, nope.


    Phillips GoGear Aria, WIN

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