Commodore 64 vs. MacBook Air


At least it fits in an envelope too.


7 Responses to “Commodore 64 vs. MacBook Air”

  1. I have to say this posting amuses me, despite being a Mac fan (though not a user). Found it while it was cycled through on the WordPress homepage. Very funny comparison. 🙂

  2. berencamlost Says:

    Naw. The Commodore 64 beats the Mac anyday. It is far easier to write your own games on a 64 than on a Mac!

  3. Sweet! But the c64 had your choice of colors…. And a 320k floppy drive.

  4. Dude I HAD THAT COMPUTER! the exact one, the original laptop…LOL, …it’s still at my parent’s house,…wow, I spent thousands of hours staring into that tiny screen……I love the C-64, whatever happened to Commodore? did they get absorbed by Apple?

  5. slotmaster2 Says:

    yeah whatever. the macbook will always win, because it beats that sucky fossil thing you call a commodore. i am a strong supporter of apple, and i bet that you have an ipod, well, those are made by apple.

    by the way, the backlit screen could be very useful LOL

  6. uhh hey slotmaster the post and comments are sarcastic relax,…lol

  7. Dude have fun with your Commodore 64. . . .

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